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For companies operating in India, adherence to event-based compliances is essential to ensure smooth and lawful operations. Event-based compliances encompass a range of regulatory requirements triggered by significant events within a company's lifecycle. Staying on top of these obligations demands meticulous attention to detail and expert knowledge of the country's legal framework. In this regard, GST & IT Buddies has emerged as the best service provider for event-based compliances in India, offering tailored solutions, comprehensive expertise, and unwavering commitment to compliance excellence.


Understanding Event Based Compliances in India:

Event-based compliances are legal and regulatory obligations that arise when specific events occur in a company's lifecycle. These events can include the appointment or resignation of directors, changes in share capital, alteration of the company's memorandum or articles of association, conducting annual general meetings (AGMs), and more. Non-compliance with these obligations can result in penalties, fines, or even legal consequences for the company.


Challenges in Event Based Compliances:

Managing event-based compliances can be a daunting task for companies, especially those without in-house compliance teams or expert knowledge of the legal landscape. The dynamic nature of regulatory changes further complicates matters, making it essential for companies to seek professional assistance to navigate through the complexities.


GST & IT Buddies: The Premier Event Based Compliance Partner:

GST & IT Buddies has earned a reputation as the industry leader in providing comprehensive solutions for event-based compliances in India. Leveraging their in-depth understanding of the legal framework and years of experience, they offer an array of services to help companies stay compliant with the evolving regulations.


Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Customized Compliance Solutions: GST & IT Buddies recognizes that event-based compliances can vary significantly depending on the company's size, industry, and specific requirements. Their solutions are tailored to address the unique compliance needs of each client.

  2. Expert Guidance: The team at GST & IT Buddies comprises professionals with extensive knowledge of Indian company laws and regulatory frameworks. Their expertise ensures that companies are well-informed and equipped to handle their event-based compliances efficiently.

  3. Timely Reminders and Alerts: Keeping track of multiple compliance deadlines can be challenging. GST & IT Buddies provides timely reminders and alerts, ensuring that companies never miss critical compliance milestones.

  4. Document Preparation and Filing: Event-based compliances often require the preparation and filing of various legal documents. GST & IT Buddies assists companies in accurately preparing and filing these documents, reducing the risk of errors and delays.

  5. Comprehensive Compliance Audit: GST & IT Buddies conducts thorough compliance audits to assess the company's current compliance status and identify areas that require attention. This proactive approach helps companies address compliance gaps before they escalate into issues.



Event-based compliances form the foundation of a company's regulatory adherence in India. The legal obligations triggered by significant events demand careful attention and timely action to ensure seamless operations and avoid potential penalties. In this dynamic business environment, partnering with GST & IT Buddies proves to be the best solution for companies seeking a reliable event-based compliance partner.

With their customized compliance solutions, expert guidance, and timely alerts, GST & IT Buddies empowers companies to navigate through the complexities of event-based compliances with confidence. By offloading compliance responsibilities to a trusted partner, companies can focus on their core business activities, knowing that their regulatory obligations are in safe hands.

As the leader in event-based compliances in India, GST & IT Buddies continues to pave the way for companies to achieve compliance excellence and stay ahead in the competitive business landscape. Embracing the philosophy of compliance without compromise, GST & IT Buddies ensures that their clients can navigate through event-based compliances seamlessly and successfully.

Documents Required

1. Issuance of share certificates

2. Statutory registers

3. Annual general meeting

4. Appointment or removal of auditor

5. Changing company name or address

6. Disqualified directors

7. Annual return

8. Appointment of managing director

9. Board meeting

10. Change in share capital

11. Directors' report

12. Roc compliances auditing

13. Statutory audit

14. Change in LLP agreement

15. Change in registered office

16. Changing in bank signatories

17. Income tax return

18. List of compliances

19. Moa or aoa alteration or change

20. Partner appointment or resignation

21. Verification of registered office

Pricing Summary :-
Market Price : ₹15000
OUR PRICE :₹12000

20 20

Government Fee As Per Applicable

You Save ₹3000 (20%)

PAY ONLY 50% i.e ₹6000
Rest you can pay Later

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