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1. Customizing the Manufacturing Unit as per the relevant Indian Standard


Step 2

2. Filing the Application Form, Remitting Audit Fees & Travelling Expenses for Inspection, Factory Visit


Step 3

3. Organizing the Lab Test Report (LTR), Closure of Non-Conformity (if any) and Remittance of Official Fees, Obtaining the BIS (ISI) Certificate


In India, the ISI Mark Certification stands as a hallmark of product quality and safety. The Indian Standards Institute (ISI) issues this certification to ensure that products meet stringent quality standards and adhere to safety regulations. For businesses aspiring to gain consumer trust and recognition for their commitment to quality, GST & IT Buddies emerges as the Best ISI Mark Certification Company in India, providing expert guidance and support to navigate the certification process and foster a reputation for excellence.


Understanding ISI Mark Certification in India:

The ISI Mark Certification, governed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), signifies that a product conforms to specified quality, safety, and performance standards. Products carrying the ISI Mark are trusted by consumers as they are subjected to rigorous testing and evaluation in BIS-approved laboratories. The certification process encompasses various factors, such as material quality, manufacturing practices, and product durability. With the ISI Mark, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to delivering reliable and safe products, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the market.


The Role of GST & IT Buddies in ISI Mark Certification:

As the leading ISI Mark Certification Company in India, GST & IT Buddies plays a pivotal role in guiding businesses through the certification process. Their team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of BIS standards and requirements, ensuring that products comply with the necessary criteria. GST & IT Buddies collaborates closely with businesses to assess their product quality and safety practices, offering valuable insights and recommendations for improvement. With their expert guidance, businesses can streamline their operations, adopt quality assurance measures, and attain the coveted ISI Mark Certification, further enhancing their brand reputation.


Navigating the ISI Mark Certification Process:

The ISI Mark Certification process involves several key steps to ascertain a product's compliance with established standards. GST & IT Buddies initiates the process by conducting an evaluation of the product's design, raw materials, and manufacturing processes. They also ensure that the product undergoes comprehensive testing at BIS-approved laboratories. If any discrepancies are identified, GST & IT Buddies assists businesses in implementing necessary improvements. Once the product meets the required quality benchmarks, GST & IT Buddies helps with the application and documentation process, ensuring a smooth and efficient certification journey.


The Benefits of ISI Mark Certification:

ISI Mark Certification offers numerous advantages for businesses and consumers in India. For businesses, the certification signifies a commitment to delivering products that meet high-quality and safety standards. It establishes trust and credibility among consumers, leading to increased sales and market competitiveness. ISI Mark Certification also helps businesses gain a competitive advantage over non-certified products in the market. For consumers, the ISI Mark assures them of purchasing products that are safe, reliable, and of superior quality. With GST & IT Buddies as the partner for ISI Mark Certification, businesses can build a reputation for excellence and enhance customer satisfaction.



ISI Mark Certification in India plays a pivotal role in ensuring product quality and safety for consumers. As the Best ISI Mark Certification Company in India, GST & IT Buddies offers expert guidance and comprehensive support to businesses seeking this prestigious certification. By partnering with GST & IT Buddies, companies can navigate the certification process with confidence, adopt best practices in product quality, and gain consumer trust. With the ISI Mark, businesses can showcase their commitment to excellence and elevate their brand image, setting new standards for quality assurance in the Indian market.

Documents Required

1. Main Application Form V -
(Primary factory and product category information)

2. ISI Application Fee - 
(Copy of Remittance / Payment Advice)

3. A copy of Test Report done within a month by the internal laboratory 
(Indicating product compliance with the relevant Indian Standard) 

4. Proof of Manufacturing Unit's Address 
(Factory License or Tax Registration document specifying the manufacturer's scope)

5. Trade Mark Registration, if available  
(Copy of Trademark Registration)

6. Certificate from concerned regulatory agencies for manufacturing 
(If applicable)

7. Product Drawings  
(As applicable)

8. Current Manufacturing Capacity 
(Production capacity)

9. Raw Material Details 
(Component names, supplier names, component quality certifications)

10. Machine Details 
(Machine names, manufacturers, capacities, quantities)

11. Factory Layout Plan
(Floor plan and technical layout)

12. Manufacturing Process Details
(Flowchart of the manufacturing process, including any outsourcing)

13. Packaging Information 
(Packaging size and quantity, storage facilities)

14. Details of Testing Equipment 
(Equipment names, sizes, quantities, calibration status, and calibration date)

15. Quality Control (QC) Staff Details 
(Employee names, qualifications, designations, years of experience)

16. Procedure for Handling Substandard Products
(After manufacturing)

17. Organizational Chart of the Factory 
(List of management personnel with names and designations in chart format)

18. Factory Location Map 
(Showing the distance from the airport and city center)

19. Specific Requirements for Foreign Manufacturers 

Pricing Summary :-
Market Price : ₹120000
OUR PRICE :₹10000

91.666666666667 91

Government Fee As Per Applicable

You Save ₹110000 (91%)

PAY ONLY 50% i.e ₹5000
Rest you can pay Later

Or Ask an Expert :-
+91 7229903363

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