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We have helped 10k start-ups all around the world and help them to reached new heights in minimal time.


5+ Years of Experience

We are experts in our field, our team has over 8 years of experience.


50+ Locations

We are located in 250+ different locations in India.


Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security of a Customer is paramount. We ensure your payment, company & personal details are protected at the highest level.

Services We Offered

(We make technical compliance certifications effortless and convenient.)

ISO 2768-1 Certification

In the world of manufacturing and production, adhering to international quality standards is paramount to ensure consistent and reliable product quality.

ISO 16001 Certification

In a world increasingly focused on environmental responsibility and sustainable practices, ISO 16001 certification serves as a beacon for businesses seeking to minimize their carbon footprint and embrace eco-friendly approaches.

ISO 14001 EMS

In a world increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability, ISO 14001 EMS (Environmental Management System) certification stands as a beacon for businesses striving to minimize their environmental impact and demonstrate a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

ISO 22000 FSMS

In the realm of food safety, ISO 22000 FSMS (Food Safety Management System) certification stands as a pillar of trust and assurance for consumers and businesses alike.

ISO 9001 2015

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, delivering products and services that consistently meet customer expectations is crucial for success.

An Overview of ISO: 

 ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, is an independent, non-governmental international organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus standards for various industries and sectors worldwide. Here's an overview of the ISO. ISO standards provide a common framework and language for organizations across different countries to ensure compatibility, interoperability, and efficiency in global trade and commerce.

In summary, ISO plays a vital role in standardization, harmonization, and quality improvement efforts worldwide, facilitating international trade, innovation, sustainability, and societal well-being through the development and adoption of consensus-based standards.


Pros and Cons of Start-ups



More opportunities to learn


Flexible hours

Innovation is encouraged

Increased Responsibility


 Risk of failure

High Stress

Having to raise capital

Competitive business environment


 ISO operates as a network of national standards bodies from over 160 countries, collaborating to develop, revise, and publish international standards through a consensus-based process. ISO standards help organizations manage risks, comply with regulations, and meet legal obligations by providing systematic approaches to risk assessment, regulatory compliance, and legal conformity. ISO standards promote a culture of continuous improvement by providing organizations with tools, methodologies, and benchmarks for assessing performance, identifying opportunities for improvement, and achieving excellence.

In summary, ISO plays a crucial role in standardization, quality improvement, and global trade by developing and publishing international standards that promote consistency, efficiency, safety, and sustainability across industries and sectors worldwide.


Why Choose GST & IT Buddies?

We have Better Business Models
Most of our teams has founded a start-up or worked for 5+ years in an innovative company. We know how innovative business models can be developed, tested, and implemented through startup methods & tools.
We have a Worldwide Reach
For past 8+ years we have delivered innovation outcomes across various countries & industries. As a result, we have a worldwide network of start-ups, partners & experts across 10+ countries.
We Deliver Results on Time
We never lose sight of the important things. Delivering innovation to solve real people’s problems while at the same time returning the investments.

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