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(We make technical compliance certifications effortless and convenient.)

Probate of Will

The probate of a will is a critical legal process that validates and establishes the authenticity of a deceased person's last will and testament.

Residential Rental Agreement

A residential rental agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and a tenant that establishes the terms and conditions of the rental arrangement.

Sale Deed

A sale deed is a crucial legal document that facilitates the transfer of ownership of immovable property from the seller to the buyer.

Gift Deed

A gift deed is a powerful legal document that enables individuals in India to transfer ownership of movable or immovable property to another without any exchange of money.

Relinquishment Deed

A relinquishment deed is a legal instrument used in India to transfer one's share in an inherited or jointly-owned property to another co-owner.


Property-related activities encompass a broad spectrum of operations and transactions involving real estate assets. Here's an overview of key aspects related to property.

In summary, property-related activities encompass a diverse range of operations, transactions, and investment opportunities within the real estate industry. Whether buying, selling, leasing, managing, developing, or investing in real estate assets, stakeholders must navigate market dynamics, regulatory requirements, and financial considerations to achieve their objectives in property-related endeavors. 


Pros and Cons of Start-ups


More opportunities to learn


Flexible hours

Innovation is encouraged

Increased Responsibility


Risk of failure

High Stress

Having to raise capital

Competitive business environment



Property-related activities are crucial for individuals, businesses, and economies for several reasons. Property ownership and investment offer opportunities for wealth creation and preservation. Real estate assets can appreciate in value over time, providing a hedge against inflation and a source of long-term financial security.

In summary, property-related activities play a critical role in wealth creation, income generation, community development, housing provision, and infrastructure improvement. Whether as investments, business assets, or residential dwellings, real estate assets contribute to economic growth, societal well-being, and individual prosperity.

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We have Better Business Models
Most of our teams has founded a start-up or worked for 5+ years in an innovative company. We know how innovative business models can be developed, tested, and implemented through startup methods & tools.
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For past 8+ years we have delivered innovation outcomes across various countries & industries. As a result, we have a worldwide network of start-ups, partners & experts across 10+ countries.
We Deliver Results on Time
We never lose sight of the important things. Delivering innovation to solve real people’s problems while at the same time returning the investments.

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