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We have helped 10k start-ups all around the world and help them to reached new heights in minimal time.


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We are experts in our field, our team has over 8 years of experience.


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We are located in 250+ different locations in India.


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Privacy & Security of a Customer is paramount. We ensure your payment, company & personal details are protected at the highest level.

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(We make technical compliance certifications effortless and convenient.)

Service Level Agreement

In the realm of business collaborations and service engagements, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) holds paramount importance.

Share Purchase Agreement

In the realm of mergers and acquisitions, a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) holds significant importance as a legally binding contract governing the sale and purchase of shares in a company.

Franchise Agreement

In the dynamic world of business expansion, franchise agreements serve as essential documents that govern the relationship between franchisors and franchisees.

Shareholder’s Agreement

In the realm of corporate governance, shareholder's agreements play a pivotal role in defining the rights and obligations of shareholders in a company.

Joint Venture Agreement

In the dynamic landscape of business collaborations, joint venture agreements hold immense significance as they facilitate successful partnerships between entities.


Services refer to intangible offerings provided to customers to fulfill specific needs or solve problems. Unlike physical products, services are typically experiences, performances, or acts performed by one party for another. Services can be classified into various categories, including professional services (e.g., legal, accounting), personal services (e.g., hairdressing, personal training), hospitality services (e.g., hotels, restaurants), and business services (e.g., consulting, marketing).

Services can be delivered through different channels, such as in-person interactions (e.g., retail stores, restaurants), online platforms (e.g., e-commerce websites, streaming services), or hybrid models that combine both physical and digital elements. Gathering customer feedback is essential for identifying areas for improvement and enhancing service quality. Methods for collecting feedback may include surveys, reviews, focus groups, or direct customer interactions. Service providers use this feedback to make data-driven decisions and implement continuous improvement initiatives.


Pros and Cons of Start-ups


More opportunities to learn


Flexible hours

Innovation is encouraged

Increased Responsibility


Risk of failure

High Stress

Having to raise capital

Competitive business environment


Service-related activities are integral to businesses across various industries. Here's a breakdown of why they are important and how they are implemented. Businesses leverage technology solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, self-service portals, and automation tools to streamline service delivery processes and enhance customer experiences.

In summary, service-related activities are crucial for businesses to meet customer needs, build relationships, drive revenue, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. By focusing on understanding customer needs, designing effective service offerings, delivering quality service experiences, and continuously improving performance, businesses can achieve sustainable success in service-related endeavors.

Why Choose GST & IT Buddies?

We have Better Business Models
Most of our teams has founded a start-up or worked for 5+ years in an innovative company. We know how innovative business models can be developed, tested, and implemented through startup methods & tools.
We have a Worldwide Reach
For past 8+ years we have delivered innovation outcomes across various countries & industries. As a result, we have a worldwide network of start-ups, partners & experts across 10+ countries.
We Deliver Results on Time
We never lose sight of the important things. Delivering innovation to solve real people’s problems while at the same time returning the investments.

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