Purpose of Collection and Use of Customer Data

1. You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Customer Data is collected by the Company for a lawful purpose and to facilitate your use of the Website and Services. You further acknowledge and agree that such collection of Customer Data is necessary for the same and that the Company does not retain any Customer Data for longer than is required for the purposes of your use of the Website and Services. The Company collects and uses the Customer Data for the following purposes:

2. The Company uses the Customer Data to provide you with access to its Website and Services and services from its subsidiaries, affiliates and third parties.

3. By using this website and on procuring quotations therein, you hereby authorize us to contact you via calls, mails and/or text messages on the contact details so provided, to furnish you with information with regards to the services and products of teleforce. this authorization shall be licit for the mentioned purposes irrespective of whether you are registered with the NDNC registry.

Restrictions and Limitations to the Right to Use the Services

Customer understands and agrees to the following restrictions and limitations that are applicable to the Customer right to use the Services under this Agreement: GST & IT BUDDIES numbers provided by GST & IT BUDDIES can be used only for Customer own use as mentioned in the documents. This number cannot be used for any other company without obtaining the requisite Authorization from the third party and prior written approval from GST & IT BUDDIES The change of name of Customer is not permitted as the Services or any other resources in use is not transferable. The change in name between the blood relatives/ legal heirs is permitted provided new Customer Acquisition Form (CAF), and all the procedure as for registering a new subscriber is followed, and Services, or any other resources are issued. However, after the change in name the connection shall be treated as new connection. In such case, change in address is not permitted. Further, No Objection Certificate from the original user shall also be taken. In case of death of the original Customer, death certificate will suffice instead of No Objection Certificate. The Services can be used only by Customer and/or a person whom Customer may specifically authorize to use GST & IT BUDDIES Services, (hereinafter referred to as an Authorized User) for business communication purposes. It is hereby further clarified that Customers or its Authorized User(s) are not permitted to resell the right to use our Services. All the Customers either individual or bulk should intimate to GST & IT BUDDIES, any change of address within one week of such change along with new proof of address. If during re-verification process by GST & IT BUDDIES or any other Security Agencies, it is found that Customer address is not correct in the database, then the connection may be disconnected forthwith, and the Customer shall be solely responsible of any consequent hardship. The Customer shall be suitably advised by GST & IT BUDDIES in this regard while booking for new connection. The database of GST & IT BUDDIES must be updated at all points of time. Being a public cloud user, Customer will share the Services or GST & IT BUDDIES telephony resources on a shared network. Customer experience may vary depending on volumes from other customers. The current API Throttling Limit is 50 per minute. This API Throttling Limit may be increased based on a request from the Customer By API Throttling Limit we mean the maximum number of concurrent HTTP requests per minute on a given API end point. as maybe notified from time to time. GST & IT BUDDIES is an intermediary and has no control over the way Customer use the Services. Customer is required to use the Services in accordance with all the applicable laws. If Customer uses the Services outside of India, Customer expressly understands and agrees that Customer is responsible for determining compliance with different laws, regulations, or customs that may apply in connection with GST & IT BUDDIES use of the Services. In order to give Customer a better experience and/or to deal with certain external factors, GST & IT BUDDIES reserves the right to modify the attributes and resources available to the APIs from time to time. Cutomer will be notified about any such changes made to the API through e-mail to the primary admin and through popup notifications in the application. Please note that GST & IT BUDDIES will not be liable to Customer or any third party for such modifications to the API/(s) or adverse effects (if any) that may result to Customer from such modifications. The Services may not be available to Customer for use if Customer exceeds their Credit Limit as defined below in clause 4.1, if applicable. GST & IT BUDDIES will not change or revoke the GST & IT BUDDIES Numbers allocated to Customer unless: The standard delivery time for any service is one week starting from the date of receipt of payment, verification of KYC and acceptance by GST & IT BUDDIES However, the same is subject to the mutually agreed delivery lead times during the acceptance stage. GST & IT BUDDIES will ensure that the Services are available for Enhanced Customer Support, except in the case of a planned maintenance or when the telecommunication service providers networks and servers are down. The functionality of the Services will also be subject to limitations, delays and other problems due to the use of external infrastructure, technology and services. Customer understands that GST & IT BUDDIES will not be responsible for any delays, default, or any other loss or damage caused by a person outside GST & IT BUDDIES control. Before beginning a planned maintenance, GST & IT BUDDIES will notify the Enhanced Customer Support registered contact details.